Tina-Love ❤️

Watching the latest (and most probably 100th K-drama to date) and wondering if I should start blogging about these dramas when DING DING DING – I remember I already have a blog, which has been sitting dormant and neglected for almost 3yrs! Sorry Blog 😔

So here we are, almost 3yrs since I started this Blog and 6yrs since I was introduced to K-dramas lol, about to start a blog on K-dramas and my journey into all things Korean. 화이팅!

Lets begin at how I got into this beautiful, sleep-is-for-losers, rollercoaster of emotions that is K-dramas huh?

Tina-Love was her name, she grew up with my husband’s family in California, USA but was born in my home-country of New Zealand, we met in 2009 at my nieces 1st birthday party in California, she introduced me to K-dramas a year later when she learnt of my love for Bollywood movies – but the K-drama bug didnt take hold till 2012 when a very bored Me called Tina-Love to ask for recommendations for a K-Drama… 3days later and zombified to hades, I was on the phone again to Tina crying my heart out that the beautiful fireman on the motorbike with good-good hair didnt get chosen by the silly laundromat girl with anger issues and worse still, that said girl had the audacity to choose a spoilt brat with Mommy issues & ugly permed hair! She laughed (maybe a little understandingly) and asked if I was ready for the next drama!

It was Over – I was sucked in, hook, line and sinker!

Usually, once I’d finish a drama – I’d give Tina-Love a call and we’d rant, rave, laugh and cry about it and then move on to the next. Sadly, last year our beautiful Tina-Love received her angel wings and moved to Heaven after fighting Lupus for almost 10yrs, now I find myself with noone to discuss these dramas (and life in general) with.

Her passing didnt stop the love for all things Korean, if anything I continue to learn, watch, eat as much Korean in memory of Tina, but the ending of a every drama now just a little bit more bittersweet. One day we’ll be reunited in Heaven and boy will she be in for an ear bashing with all the updates I’ll have for her.

It makes absolute sense then that I dedicate the Korean portion of my blog to this beautiful dongsaeng & chingu of mine, Ms Tina-Love Tuputala.

Rest in Peace my beautiful sis, till we meet again in God’s Holy Throne room.

One thought on “Tina-Love ❤️

  1. Had the same second-male syndrome from Boys Over Flowers before too! And even on its predecessor, the Taiwanese drama, Meteor Garden I still had the same feeling. Why do they make the second male leads so dang good-looking and perfect and then give them the crappy ending of not getting the girl? WHY??
    Anyways, I’m looking forward in your upcoming reviews on Kdramas, and I hope we can share our thoughts on the same dramas in the future 🙂
    Also, my condolences to your sis. She’s truly an angel for introducing you to the wonderful world of Kdrama ❤︎

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