Black (블랙) – 2017 K-Drama

Currently watching Episode: 6

TOTAL Episodes in Series: 18

Thoughts so far: I am reeeeeaally struggling to find the will-power to keep watching this series.

People who like to watch a movie quietly and elegantly ponder why a character did what they did ABSOLUTELY HATE watching movies with me LOL. I’m what you call a VV – Vocal Viewer! I watch movies with a running commentary & feed on other loud thinkers in my not so elegant pondering quest, in fact; since starting this series my usually-patient hubby has loudly told me more than thrice to “Stop watching if it makes you THAT angry!” – But you see, I just cant and it’s for this very reason that I started this blog; like I said in my previous post – this is my new sounding board.

I thought it would be nice to blog this as if I were talking to Tina, like we used to… but be warned, it’s been a while since I’ve been able to “discuss” kdramas so this commentary might come off a little uh… over-zealous? angry even? 😂😂 so I apologize in advance ya’ll! Here we go; For Tina-Love ❤️


OMG Tina sis! What is up with this series?!?! I mean…

  • For a thriller with a killer or killers running around umm you know KILLING PEOPLE, why are just as many people running around being heroes on their own?!
  • Ha-Ram cries so good.
  • That Grim Reaper, didnt it sound like he’d been watching humans for like – an eternity!- how does he not have a clue how to pretend to be one?
  • Ok why is she crying again?
  • ?! Is she for real Jealous? Girlfriend, you were 7yo… he’s moved on! She seemed so tough at the beginning now she’s cringy clingy – 360 much?!
  • Black on Black?!?! Really? LOL
  • 🤦🏽‍♀️Girl if you dont stop crying, I swear… !!
  • Is it just me or does Grim Rapper seem too innocent to be a Grim.
  • I don’t like Joseon era Grim (lol DISCLAIMER: I may or may not still be holding a grudge from DOTS)
  • The street lights are so bright, how are you that blind in that itty bitty darkness?!
  • Sure, lets run towards the killer that JUST threw your bf over the bridge – I mean pfft its not like he was chasing you down to kill you… oh Damn! Didnt see that one coming! 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

In hindsight, MAYBE my reactions were exactly what the writers were looking for lol if so, then congratulations on releasing the kracken!

I’m really hoping that the next episode is that halfway turn-around point where everything falls into place and before I know it, I’m adding another favourite to my K-Drama list, 🙏🏻 please be!

For now, I will continue to watch the series for as long as I can bear it and try to keep my emotions and anger in check, however, right now I’m thinking this series needs a miracle for it to come back from the dead! Goblin sized maybe! 😜

Nevertheless, 블랙 드라마 화이팅!! 💪

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