Black (블랙) – K-drama Final Thoughts

It’s been a few weeks since I finished watching Black and to be honest, I almost didnt finish it and have since almost forgotten what it was about.

The drama had enough suspense in parts for me to be on the edge of my seat but the suspense for me would often end in a “whaaaattt the frick was that?” more than it did an “OMG that was intense!”

Our heroine continued to annoy me with her bipolar bouts of selective kindness and hatred.

To be honest, the only thing I did like was the Guess Who game – who was who, how they were involved, even why they had to be & how they got involved in the first place – all the lead up to everything falling into place was great, you really were left guessing until the ending which left you stunned… WHAT.JUST.HAPPENED.?.!.?.!.

I didnt do any research as to why they chose to end it the way they did but from what Ive read from other reviews, it came down to a time-crunch & reduction or increase in episodes, which is always a pretty good killer for even a good drama. Its probably what annoys me most about Korean dramas – each series is dependant on ratings in order to continue filming and this is the main reason why I have never watched a K-drama in real time – Hold up, I lie, Goblin was the first & only drama that I’ve had the painful experience of having to wait one whole week to watch the next episode and I can’t fault that drama one bit – where was I going with this? sorry my mind just got blasted with short scene shots from Goblin and I lost my train of thought LOL… anyway, all in all – for me this drama was, as I said before, forgettable.

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