Hwarang – The Poet Warrior Youth (화랑) Ep 1-8: K-Drama Thoughts

Genre: 2017 – Historical, Romance, Coming-of-age (Comedy)

Cast: Park Seo-joon, Lee Kwang-Soo, Go A-ra, Park Hyung-sik, Choi Min-ho, Kim Tae-hyun, Choi Won-Young, Kim Ji-Soo, Sung Dong-il, V, Do Ji-Han, Jo Yoon-woo, Kim Kwang-kyu

Episodes watched: 8

Total Episodes: 20

Initial Impressions: The LOL’s are real with this one. I hadn’t planned to watch this but I was having Running Man withdrawals and while scrolling through Netflix I happened to see Lee Kwang-soo smiling face and one thing click lead to another and now I’ve just finished Episode 8 😂😂

BUT FIRSTLY – We interupt this regularly scheduled program to do some Online googling on the Hwarang! 😱😱😱😱 Daaaaang these historical flower warriors existed for real, for real *faints*

Small-kine gripe… Go A-ra (again), to be honest – if I dont like a certain actor from a previous K-drama (purely based on my view of their acting of course), I usually avoid other dramas with them in it, but like I said, I wasnt looking to start this drama, it just kinda happened 😜😂 – ANYWAY… when Go A-ra cried for the first time, I was immediately transported back to Black and wouldnt you know it – instantly annoyed lol BUT I wasn’t nearly as frustrated with her this time round, maybe the comedic relief provided by the other cast helped but I’m happy to report no additional hair-loss. As you were Go A-ra씨 😉

The biggest question right now for me is – WHO ARE YOU Dog-Bird?

Needless to say I am thoroughly enjoying this drama; the comedy is on point, the interactions between the characters, BEST. SUPPORTING. ACTORS. EVER, story-line truly historical worthy – I mean the Queen’s actions could flip either way, she’s either really doing this to protect her son or she really is cray-cray and needs to be de-throned in the most dramatic way Ever! Lol And of course, who exactly is Dog-Bird?

Let the drama continue…

One thought on “Hwarang – The Poet Warrior Youth (화랑) Ep 1-8: K-Drama Thoughts

  1. Hello,
    When I first started to watch this show, I thought it was going to be serious. But I agree with you that that the show is really comedic even though it has some fighting scenes. There are also too many mysteries that needs to be solved throughout the show. You do not know who is going to be with who in the end.

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