A Voice in the Wind (Mark of the Lion series #1) – BOOK RIA-VIEW

AUTHOR: Francine Rivers

BOOK in SERIES: Book 1 of 3

I love reading as much as I love K-dramas, eating, Sleeping and Music, I like reading all genre’s as long as it keeps me interested and entertained.

But even as a Christian who loves reading, I have always shied away from Christian fiction – ok, it was more like ‘looked down on it’ than it was ‘shied away’. The hypocritical me has always believed that any Fiction about Bible characters was blasphemy and if anyone wanted to know the characters they should just read the Bible (which is hilarious since I haven’t read the entire Bible myself 🤦🏽‍♀️) – like I said, hypocritical me.

Every time hubby & I moved states while in America, we would spend a good amount of time at the library using the internet & getting books to read while we settled in a new home – it was here that I discovered how very wrong I was about Christian Fiction. Needless to say, I now have a growing list of favourite Christian Authors and that list now includes Francine Rivers. I was a little saddened that I hadn’t read any of her books before but now that I’ve found her, she’ll be a hard one to let go of.

A Voice in the Wind covered all the genres of a good fiction – Thriller, Suspence, Romance, Historical – all into one book so flawlessly that I found myself dreaming of fighting lions and gladiators and then lying in a forest so green & peaceful enjoying the goodness of life – whaaaaatttt?! How did ONE book do this? – even though some of the gladiator fight scenes in my dream felt a little too real, I wasnt scared or waking up in a pool of sweat and I always had this underlying feeling that I was going to be alright. Wow – what a dream!

Book One took longer to finish than I normally would a book of this size, only because ‘someone’ found she had to go read the Bible more than once after Hadassah told a story from Scripture that ‘she’ had not heard before 😂😂 – would you look at that – a fiction that actually made me read the Bible! Take that hypocritical me! Lol

That ending though 😱 – that was a classic K-drama ending and I was soooo glad I got given all 3 books because had Book 2 not been available right at that moment, someone was gonna be like Atretes and explode with bloodthirst LOL I have never started a Book 2 of any series IMMEDIATELY after finishing Book 1 – I literally finished Book 1 in the kitchen, ran to the bedroom, grabbed Book 2 out of the box and opened it right where I stood lol

Nicely done Ms Rivers, you are an absolute genius!

FINAL RIA-MARKS – 🌺🌺🌺🌺🌺 5/5 – Perfectly written, executed and received. A Must read! Now leave me alone so I can finish Book 2 🙃

2 thoughts on “A Voice in the Wind (Mark of the Lion series #1) – BOOK RIA-VIEW

  1. Its funny you mention how you went to read the bible from a book you’ve read because that’s exactly why I started reading the Bible!

    I was reading Through the Eyes of a Lion and he mentions a story in there that made me go, “What?! That’s so cool… I never heard of THAT story in the Bible!”

    Checked it out and sure enough, there it was.

    I didn’t know that christian fiction was even a thing.
    Now I’m curious!

    • I know right! It was a humbling moment for me realising that God gives talent of all kinds and who am I to judge what talents he gives to others – if their blessing is in writing and sharing Gods love & leading people back to Gods Word, well then… I stand corrected lol

      Highly recommend this series too if youre interested , Janette Oke & Tracie Patterson are two other fav Christian Fiction authors, but you know… Gods Word is still best seller 😉 lol

      Let me know what you think if you end up reading any.

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