An Echo in the Darkness (Mark of the Lion series #2) – BOOK RIA-VIEW

AUTHOR: Francine Rivers

BOOK IN SERIES: Book 2 of 3

And you allow it, Father. You absolutely refuse to violate our free will. O Lord, blessed Jesus, sometimes I wish you would reach down and take hold of us and shake us so hard there would be no able to deny you – that every man, woman, and child would bow down before you. Forgive us, Lord. Forgivr me. I am so discouraged. (An Echo in the Darkness Pg.177)

That anguish? I feel that sometimes, I look at the world we live in today and wonder in awe at Gods grace & mercy, that He would still love us despite our blatant disregard for Him and also for one another – the world today is filled with people who think only of themselves, trust me I’m guilty of this myself but to see that since the days of Jesus – this epidemic remains exactly the same – it’s heartbreaking.

Book 2 done & dusted, this book came with a reminder to persevere when sharing Gods Word – just plant the seed and water and when the water isnt taking, let go and Let God.

Although slightly slower and much less violent (secretly missing those gladiator scenes 😉) than Book 1, I still thoroughly enjoyed Book 2, it covered the story of Marcus and his homecoming so to speak, we had a few “oh no you didnt” moments when it looked like our heroine AND hero might have considered a new love… 🤨 Bye! and we see God take centre stage when he does to Phoebe what he did to Zacharia when she doubted his ability to provide an heir through Elizabeth -Just Wow!

FINAL RIA-MARKS: Redemption at is finest, while I still enjoyed Book 1 more, the continuing saga of our main characters was still thoroughly enjoyable and I feel like I could re-read it a second & third time and find something new everytime. (Finished all 3 books a few weeks ago but have only just been able to review them now – as is the recommended mourning time for a good series lol)

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