Hwarang – The Poet Warrior Youth (화랑) Ep 10-20: K-Drama Final Thoughts

Episodes Watched – 20/20

You know those moments when you finish a drama and you feel like you somehow got jib-ed so you start another drama to make up for the ill feeling and make happy again? But see, what had happened was… instead of watching just that drama to appease my K-Drama soul lol I somehow completed 3 dramas, started (but didnt finish) another 2 dramas and lost track of where I was blog-wise… BUT k-drama wise, gurl I’m as happy as a bird LOL

So Yes – Its been a while since I finished watching Hwarang 🤣

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT – Im not sure how and when but I’m sure it will happen! So Be warned!

There was so much to love about this drama – I LOVED; the Hwarang of course **gush, faint, gush again*, the bromance was so real! 😍 I also LOVED the teachers and supporting staff. I LOVED the background stories & the connections between the stories, I even LOVED the Queen and her beezy sour-faced daughter, I mean absolute bitchiness at its finest. Every character had something memorable about them, even the Gisaeng girls! Lol

BUT THEN you have A-RO **insert dramatic long sigh of disappointment** A memory I would rather forgot – Look, if I’m being brutally honest, its not that I didnt like A-Ro the character, she had her moments (at the beginning, the rest downhill from there) but I just dont like Go Ara the actress – I find her acting overly exagerated (I’m pretty certain I’ve said this in a previous post – Black) and her crying scenes kill me so, SO MUCH🤦🏽‍♀️ (again, I swear, another de-ja vu statement in another post). When she cries, it’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to my ears, it H U R T S so bad! AND Hwarang had her crying in almost every episode and to make things so much worse – in one episode, she cried for almost 10mins… 10 MINUTES I TELL YOU!!! My ears damn near bled out!!!

I’m sorry Go Ara fans – I just dont like her acting, thats my own personal opinion and you are entirely entitled to enjoying her if tou disagree – It is unlikely I will watch another drama with her in it. In saying that though, I was glad I didnt know she was in this drama until it was too late and I was already invested – I wouldve missed out on the Hwarang Flower Poets with long flowing locks, killer moves and matching killer smiles BUT on the plus – A-Ro Slayed with this outfit! Sucks she had no combat skills to go with it, would’ve been awesome if she had learnt how to throw acupuncture needles lol

Another downer for me was making Dog-Bird into A-ro’s brother – even if it was for the purpose of the entire story lol, it just gave their love scenes a weird incestious feeling (definitely not GoT worthy 😜) – it was icky and I felt icky watching it!

But then again maybe it was just the lack of chemistry between them. This is only because there was another relationship that should’ve also warranted the same ick factor but instead I found myself cheering on our handsome Hwarang Soo Ho’s desperate conquest of the Queen and wished just as desperately that her freaking heart would hurry up and melt already lol – double standards or chemistry? I dont know AND dont care 🤣 – but Soo Ho chasing a cougar – and a Queen cougar at that – had me in cheerleader mode real quick. 수호 화이팅!! 💪

The Love Story to end all love stories has to be that of our handsome Badboy turned Cutiepants Ban Ryu and Soo Yeon. So much cuteness my heart couldnt take it ❤️❤️ – the King and the Hwarang’s end scene had an equally heart warming, happy clappin crying like an idiot feeling!

Overall score: 7/10 – for reasons mentioned above obviously lol but since I’ve been enjoying watching Bloopers, Interviews and Behind the scene videos with just the Hwarangs, my heart might even be coaxed into a 8/10 but I’d need my King’s personal approval for that 😉🤣

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