HEALER (힐러) – Ep.1-7: K-drama Thoughts

Genre: 2014 – Action Romance (Comedy)

Cast: Ji Chang Wook, Park Min Young, Yoo Ji Tae, Taemi, Kim Mi Kyung, Oh Gwang Rok, Park Song Myeon, Park Sang Won, Do Ji Won, Woo Hee Jin, Jo Han Chul

Episodes watched: 7

Total Episodes: 20

Initial Impressions: As is the usual case whenever I decide to start a Kdrama without researching it – Episode 1 has our standard run-of-the-mill ordeals of countless “🤨 What the heck?!”, “Who is HE?!”, “What is she/he doing?!” and the ever present; “Woohoo SHIRTLESS! Hellooo! – whats your name?!”.

(Major kudos for the shirtless scene 2mins into the 1st episode by the way! 감사합니다‼️)

Needless to say, the cliffhanger ending for the 1st Episode is amiss as I had long moved on to Google in pursuit of a technical introduction to my new Bias – only after making sure said research does not amount to any jail-time by checking ages first!

So now were starting to unravel the mystery behind the group photo that almost everyone seems to have on their desk or bedside table, along with the side stories that fabulously intermingle almost too perfectly, and we find ourselves Here: 2 days later on Episode 7 and low-key thankful I never considered Media/Journalism as a career lol

Small-kine Gripe – Dear K-DRAMA WRITERS, Please, for the love of all worldwide Korean goodness, stop writing the Main Actresses Super-Cool to start with and then Supersize Dumb her down 3-4 episodes later! Please stop doing that!

THUMBS UP though for my witty favourite 아좀마, the random comedic relief (like a sister LOL), the intense storylines & action scenes and of course, the cliffhanger endings, most especially Ep.7! Ya’ll had me thinking it was starting to slow down and then… B A M 😱!

Prematurely, I have started to make my own assumptions of how I think this will pan out, understanding full well that it may probably end up blasted apart in TEN different plot twists and break my heart with every twist BUT for now, I’ll continue to enjoy this little treasure, even though I am immensely dissapointed that I am now watching a 4yr old gem – 😔 I am not worthy of the title “K-drama Addict”

PIC – This much perfect cuteness in a flashback should be illegal!

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