Birth of Beauty (미녀의 탄생) – K-drama Thoughts

Genre: 2014 Rom/Com/Thriller (blurred lines)

Cast: Ha Jae Suk, Joo Sang Wook, Han Ye Seul, Jung Gyu Woon, Wang Ji Hye, Han Sang Jin, Han Jin Hee, Kim Young Ae, Kim Yong Rim, Shim Ye Young, Kim Cheong, In Gyo Jin, Lee Jong Nam, Kang Kyung Hun, Jin Ye Sol

Total Episodes: 21

Episodes Watched: 8

Impressions so far: HOW?!?!? How did this series get rated so highly? Granted, I am probably being completely unfair by trying to rate a 2014 series with a 2019 rule-book – but still I cant understand HOW?!?!?

It is now Episode 8, I have laughed all of 3 times, gagged at least two dozen times at the attempts at romance AND I may have surpassed a World Record for eye rolls. One more time for good measure – HOW?!?!?

This series is like the extended version of the movie 200 Pound Beauty – Now don’t get it twisted, I LOVE 200 Pound Beauty, it’s one of my favourite go-to-movies, heck I still catch myself singing the catchy soundtrack (🎵Im a Beautiful Girl🎶 💃🏼). BUT THIS… this is like 200 Pound Beauty trapped in an eternal tunnel of head-banging pain.

The GOOD: The beginning was good, it draws you in, this drop dead beautiful girl with a heart of a saint wanting to reach out and comfort the overweight girl with the sad life story with the added side story bonus of a crazy stalker following the drop dead gorgeous girl. Who turns out not to the a stalker after all! Lol cute!

The thriller of the cat & mouse who-dunnit and the pain of the wife as she remembers bit by bit what actually happened to her.

The side stories with glimpses of upcoming cliffhangers and disappointments.

The BAD: Yes, I understand we have to have a bad family but this family was completely inhumane, how does that even make sense.

The number of times the overplanned plot was revealed before ANYTHING actually happened – WHAT?! What was the point in all that planning if you’re just gonna tell your enemy EVERYTHING you’re planning to do – Just tattoo a palm on my face please 🤦🏽‍♀️

I’m pretty sure the viewer is supposed to have the emotional rollercoasters, but why are the characters jumping from one extreme emotion to the other?

Yes I know its a Kdrama, but at least be somewhat realistic – I mean, HOW do you explain an orphan who had to be raised by another family and doesnt work a day during the 8 Episodes have so much money to complete these intricate plans, be kicked out of one house and move into another and its fully furnished, and where did all these extra people working for him come from… HOW?! Oh my gosh, I’ve got headache!

BUT I’ll continue watching for the sake of this blog… because I’m an addict and I’m secretly biasing the Bad-Boy Chairman! 😜

Sidenote: I am actually watching two dramas at the moment, the other drama is EMPRESS KI and to be fair, some of the headache from that drama MAY have rubbed off on this drama ria-view, sorry 🥴lol

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