Birth of Beauty (미녀의 탄생) – K-drama Final Thoughts


**DISCLAIMER: MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD – Continue at your own discretion**

The Full Story So Far:

  • Overweight wife (Sa Geum Ran) blind in love with Handsome Hubby (Lee Kang Joon) of 8yrs, he “travels” ALL the time while she stays home and looks after her in-laws – who openly mistreat her.
  • Wifey finds out Hubby is cheating (in the worst way too 😢)
  • Wifey confronts Hubby & his mistress (Gyo Chae Yeon) – threatens to go public with their affair
  • Hubby runs Wifey off the road, Mistress is witness to the murder and does nothing – Ouch!
  • Husband prepares to marry Mistress – Double Ouch!
  • Wifey somehow survives! Ooohhhh!!
  • Mistress has an adopted brother (Han Tae Hee) who is secretly in love with her ***what is up with K-dramas and this whole adopted siblings falling for each other business?!***
  • SOMEHOW Wifey finds Mistress’ adopted brother (HTH) and begs him to help her get revenge and he can get his “sister” back.
  • Heartbroken Oppa agrees to helps SupposedtobeDead Wifey undergo MAJOR physical transformation
  • Wifey becomes Upgraded Ahjumma aka Sara
  • Operation RevengeForMurder/StopDaWedding launched.
  • Operation StopDaWedding FAILS 🤣
    OperationRevengeForMurder/SplitThemUp launched.
    Plots for the operations jump from “Nicely played” to “How old are you?- 5??
    Operation SplitThemUp SUCCEEDS! 🙌
  • Game changer Heartbroken Oppa and Upgraded Ahjumma start falling in love…
  • Operation RevengeForMurder comes to a grinding halt while these two play house 🙄🙄
  • Frankly at this point, I just want Han Tae-Hee & Sara to be caught or possibly even killed right about now lol. This series is all over the place (like my emotions 😑lol) that I almost jumped for joy when Hubby finally put two and two together. But I stopped mid-jump when instead of remorse, Hubby & the Mistress play the victim card – How, I mea… WHAT⁉️🙄🙄🙄🙄
  • EMERGENCY INTERMISSION: To get this bad taste out of my mouth, I watched the cast appearance on Running Man (Ep 219). Much needed – The cast were super cute and funny! If you havent already seen it – Get going!

    EPISODES 16-21

    Secrets ya’ll 🤦🏽‍♀️ – With all the unfolding of this drama, I am finding myself reviewing my current and past relationships for all the times one party decided to keep something from the other for their own sake, and how it impacted that relationship. HA! Look at that, some deep thinking resulted from a series I’m struggling to finish 😆

    Dear Sara/Ahjumma, if you’re trying to hide and NOT be found, how about NOT doing things you would normally do?!! 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

    That 3 way race to see who would get to Sara first tho – Intense!

    A few more attempts at the World Record for Eye Rolls and we get to Ep.20 – and a complete 360! I couldve watched just this episode and been all “BEST DRAMA EVER!” – but the pain in the back of my eye sockets is a constant reminder of the previous episodes. I wont lie though, had I just watched this episode – I wouldve probably have watched the entire series to fully understand it.

    Normally I have an issue with rushed endings but for this one, I find myself at the other end of the spectrum – they couldve cut a lot of the unnecessary frou-frou and made this a shorter series and be like a full series of Ep 20’s.

    Now while this drama was extremely painful to watch, I dont hate it completely (😱 IKR!!… maybe it was that Running Man magic?!🤷🏽‍♀️).

    I think the last two episodes tied up all the loose ends perfectly (almost too perfectly but who cares). It would’ve been nice to see a bit more of the future for Sara & Han Tae-hee but I’ll survive all the same with how it ended.

  • I’m finding with a lot of these dramas that I bias the support cast more than I do the mains, so to end this Ria-view, I’m gonna throw some Special Mentions 사랑 to the special support cast I’ve come to love;
    • 🥰Lee Kang-joon’s father, Lee Jung-sik (the only decent person in this messed up family)
      🥰Han Tae-hee’s Team Leader Choi
      🥰Gyo Chae-yeon’s brother Gyo Ji-Hoon
      ❤️ And the true Heroine of this series; Sa Geum-Ran (Ha Jae-Suk) – she’s so cute!
  • I will probably never re-watch this series but the soundtrack was cute – one song in particular always tugged the heartstring: 바라보기 – Just Looking by 엠씨다백스 – M.C The Max ❤️

    Now to prepare my eye sockets to finish off Empress Ki lol 🙄🙄🙄🙄

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