Pasta (파그타) – Kdrama Ep 11-20 RIA-caps

The Pasta “High School” dramatics continues…

Ep.11 – Lol it truly is High School though, what with all the cliques, the crushes and love stories and our usual K-drama style “let’s make what were supposed to keep secret so painfully obvious… with witness to boot” secret time-bomb. I’m still on the fence with what to think of the ex-girlfriend, I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to hate her but I kinda still don’t.

And then we have the weird hotel elevator scene with the other couple – the way the man was looking at the girl was just super creepyI have to admit, I may be very critical of how I see things in dramas now in light of the Big Bang’s Seungri & his nightclub scandal news – I felt the same kind of way when Chef was at the club with girls dancing around him.

A N Y W A Y… back to the RIA-cap lol

Ep.12 – Poor Eun Su! Our lesson from today’s episode is Never bottle so much emotion inside, it boils and overflows out in dramatic form! I busted up laughing when he announced “I have something to say” before the first order and Chef’s face & Goldfish’s demotion was well worth having all those emotions bottled up though 🤣🤣🤣 – nicely played Eun Su! The temper tantrum by Chef and Goldfish that followed was cringingly bipolar.

Still… Eun Su’s dramatic running exit had me rolling lol

Ep. 13 – Se-Young’s honesty is so refreshing – I really cant hate her, meanwhile, Goldfish’s attitude continues to reach new bipolar heights and cray-cray levels and still NO chemistry – I fail to see how this is appealing to anyone. Eun Su returns in the cutest way. We fast fwd a whoooooole lotta pointless scenes (thank goodness for the fast fwd button) and got treated to a topless squat punishment for Team Italy and 😱 Eun Su! Well dang boy!

Ep 14-15 – We resume pushing the fast forward button to keep our sanity from the endless amounts of silent & pointless stares/glares – Please Stop! Se-Young is placed firmly in her place by Chef but she takes it like the Queen she is and continues to support him! I definitely can’t hate her – she’s too amazeballs!

Goldfishes bipolar attitude ensues to new levels of annoying but I think its ironic that I dont appreciate her blunt honesty like I do Se-Young’s… when in all honesty, Goldfish has the same style of blunt honesty that I am known for at my job 😬AND YET NOW I see it for annoyance it really is – 🤣🤣🤣 the thought of my bosses having to thank a K-drama character for my change in attitude at work is even more hilarious!

Watching the Ex-President blow his top, while the President stands foolishly by and the painfully long staring jump screnes at the end of this episode makes me seriously question my need to finish this drama! At this point, I dont too much care what happens at La Sfera or this drama anymore, I just want the yelling and pointless silence and stares to stop.

Ep 16 – Can we take a moment to appreciate Nemo – just because of his name – the references to marine life in this drama ya’ll lol. Take me to your King, Aquaman 😜

I am in serious K-drama trouble ya’ll – I am loving the support cast more than I do the main cast! Loyalty from Team Italy gifts them time off work lol Goldfish bluffs her way into a Chef worthy pasta – judged by Chef’s Chef and Se-Yeong’s redemption is bitter sweet.

Ep 17 – 아버지, 만세 만세 만세! I’ve often heard that women are attracted to a man with similar characteristics as their father. Makes me laugh because I know the things that bug me with my husband are often the same things that used to irk me with my Dad. Father knows best, and Dad’s convo with Chef had me in hysterics.

Ep 18-20 Its been a couple of days since I finished this drama, my memory tells me I liked the last two episodes but it felt rushed. I wont go back and rewatch it just for blogging purposes but I do think a lot of this drama could’ve been compacted to 15 episodes with the removal of some unnecessary scenes and staring competitions.

What I do remember; Dad & Chef’s drinking scene – super cute, the New Chef competition, the drinking scene between Team Italy and Seo Young (so many beautiful people in one scene 🤯), President finally confessing was cute but Goldfish made it awkward 🤦🏽‍♀️ and Chef visiting the Pasta girls restaurant leading to their reinstatement.

Final Thoughts: It’s sad that there was still no chemistry between Chef and Goldfish for me – the main two casts remained a solid “bleh” for me throughout the whole series. In saying that, I am glad I watched it – it had a few funny & cute scenes, some of the food scenes were mouth watering and some of the cooking lessons will come in handy should I ever find myself in the mood to cook pasta BUT despite all that, I will probably forget I watched this drama, go to watch it – remember I have and quickly turn it off. All in all, this drama had plenty of potential but it failed on too many levels for me.

Another one added to the list of completed dramas – on to the next! 👏

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