40 Days – 1

My Grandmother was my first example of a Spiritual & Physical fast, whenever anyone got sick and had to be taken to the hospital or doctors, my grandmother would abstain from all food from the moment they left for the hospital until they returned home healed, even in her advanced age she maintained this act of love religiously.

Admitedly, when my Grandparents passed away, A LOT of instructions, directions and examples died with them. To date, I have not seen ONE person fast the way they did and it shows. When I started my walk with God, fasting was always something I didnt take seriously or didnt participate in at all, now as my relationship with God grows, I want to know why Grandparents held fasting to such high regard.

My Experience: I’ve fasted only 2 successful times previously, the first time was social media and the second time an 8/16 intermittent fast (8hrs eat time/16hrs fasting time) I wont lie, as a big girl and a zero self control, I tend to enjoy the non-food related fasts because I could still eat, BUT this time I’m making it a point to give this fasting a proper run AND going all out with a 4/20hr (4hrs eating/20hrs fasting) Intermittent Fast.

It is now 509pm and my first 20hr fast day is officially finished, I am Mentally and Spiritually fine, and about 30mins away from home (and food). Physically however, I am struggling to keep my eyes open, my head feels like its swimming in a pool of white noise and my joints are hurting like I’ve just run the Brooklyn Marathon (which would NEVER happen).

My Plan: I chose to start my fast today as it aligns with majority of my colleagues, who are starting their Ramadan fast today also and this way we can all break our fast and finish work at the same time.

Its also an opportune time to do a cleanse as we have a vacation coming up in June, clear out some space in the guts for some overly processed American food.

This fast is above all a Spiritual Fast, I will be doing a 40day Bible Study plan as well as seeking Gods face to sustain me along the way. Hubby and I have many decisions and plans ahead of us but we want to live it according to God’s will and not our own. Jeremiah 29:11 says God knows the plans HE has for me (not the plans I have created myself), His plans are of more value than mine, much more properous than anything I could ever plan myself.

We often say God is in control, the funny thing is we wont let go of the driving wheel most of the time. Until you relinquish absolute control, God truly isnt in control is he?

Bible Study Plan: Day 1 – 40 Day reThink Life Devotional
“There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.”
– ‭‭Proverbs‬ ‭14:12‬‬
As we begin the 40 Day ReThink Life Devotional, we have to ask ourselves the question, “Which road am I on?” So many times we go so quickly through our days that we never take the time to stop and get a true perspective of what path we are on in life and where it is taking us. God loves us so much and wants us to spend time with Him everyday.
He is “the way, the truth and the life”. He wants to guide and direct our steps on the way that he has for us, but so many times his ways challenge the norm of our culture! Don’t be afraid to begin this journey with him. He can be trusted and He has a great purpose for this day and everyday of your life. If you seek him every day you will find him and He will show you the right way!
Father, I thank you that you love me and you have great plans for me. I thank you that I do not have to walk alone even though the path you have for me is sometimes completely different than the course my culture takes. I pray you would speak to me over the next 40 days and show me your way! In Jesus’ name, Amen.
MY PRAYERSN: Lord, you know my heart, even though you know what I long for you also know and see what is pre-destined especially for me. Grant me wisdom to see beyond my own wants and help me to start living a life that glorifies YOU and not me. Set me apart to do your will, help me to overcome my selfishness and live according to your righteous plan for my future. Thank you for always walking alongside me, even when I trip you catch me and still wait for me when I dawdle. I love you, reveal your heart to me Abba Father. Your wayward child, Ria

Be Blessed all, Jesus be the centre of it all. God Bless you all xx

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