My ID is Gangnam Beauty (내 아이디는 강남미인) – Kdrama RIActions (Ep 1 – 4)

I don’t know why I chose this drama for my next to watch, I just flicked through Netflix and picked the one I didnt recognize anyone in – I guess I tend to go for the underdog. That being said, I wont analyse every single episode as I did previously, but only as I get to certain points of the dramas – knowing me, it’ll most probably be when I’m most emotional – thats your warning lol 가자!!

I know South Korea is plastic surgery capital but man, I almost turned this drama off as soon as it started… It reminded me too much of another drama I wasnt a big fan of (Birth of a Beauty), and I already hate that the world is to infactuated with looks as it is.

Nonetheless, I persisted (I’m getting pretty good at this thing called “persisting” lol)

I was once in an unhealthy relationship with an aggressive & violent guy, and seeing the looks some of the guys were giving the girls was a little uncomfortable, even though I know this drama would not turn that way, I know in reality the outcome could’ve been a whole lot different and those not-nice memories hit me like a freight-train. This drama does a good job of showing the inappropriateness of these looks but fails in the correct way to handle this situation – unfortunately, not all of us will have a Kyung Seok to come to our rescue and I was super proud of him telling Mi Rae that her plastic surgery should’ve been on her unhealthy mind and not her body – B I N G O!!!

THIS DRAMA IS ABOUT PERFUME?!? Really?? 🤦🏽‍♀️ Will the Madam choose her son as the new model? Either him or one of the freshman celebrities for sure. I have to get to work now so here are a few more predictions, I’ll tick these off if they end up coming true 😬✌️


  • Kyung Seok & Woo Yeon are brothers
  • Soo-a is another plastic queen
  • Mi Rae, Woo Yeon & Kyung Seok love triangle
  • Kyung Seok and Soo-A have history
  • Love triangles everywhere
  • Woo Yeon isnt as nice as he makes out to be

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