My ID is Gangnam Beauty (내 아이디는 강남미인) – Kdrama RIActions (Ep 4-16)

Moving forward, I should probably finish the entire episode before I make predictions huh?! I knew as soon as I continued Ep 4 that I posted my previous RIAaction predictions prematurely, while some needed to be altered I decided I would just leave it as is cause… meh, so much work lol

Anyway, as cute and fluffy and immature as this drama was, I was completely floored with its blunt ending… and by blunt I mean blunt and fully rusted, like what kind of ending was that?!! What happened, it was cruising along, albeit a tad slowly, and then bam – Closing Credits! The heck!

I’m not sure what happened, although I could guess that as does some, if not most, Killed Kdrama Series, the ratings didnt suffice any further episodes being created, and thus here they leave us avid watchers – with more questions, which will most probably remain unanswered for all eternity (draaaamatic lol).

I still dislike the plastic surgery themed Kdramas, but although the storyline began as predictable as many other dramas, it had some very good quality gold nuggets along the way, like showcasing;

    that some guys prefer the more “chubby” girls (Sidenote: girlfriend was NOT chubby, she just wore very baggy clothes) and
    the abilitiy of students (and anyone really) to go against the grain and stand up for themselves and others,
    that not all mother in laws were complete meanies
    the very real issue of bullying, sexism and discrimination with some great examples of how to handle them.
    the art of loving yourself (excellent point)
    we all need a friend like Yoo Eun – that girl should’ve been in psychology not chemistry.
    we all need a friend like Hyun Jung – for a tiny little package, she packs a big bite – loyalty at its finest.
  • There were many others but thats what stood out.
  • Still in shock at the ending though lol… anyway, why don’t see how I did with those premature predictions huh? Lol


    • Kyung Seok & Woo Yeon are brothers
  • LOL not quite brothers but room mates who end up having a somewhat cute and warped bromance towards the end.
    • Soo-a is another plastic queen
  • She’s a natural but as Kyung Seok had said to Mi Rae earlier, Soo-a needed surgery to her unhealthy mind. She played the badgirl card very well but there was no real direction (or back story as such) as to why she did most of what she did, her unravelling was good but rushed and the dramatic ending made her undoing bleh! She worked so hard to get to a certain stage of evilness and just like that – completely tamed?!?! Come on!!
    • Mi Rae, Woo Yeon & Kyung Seok love triangle
  • BINGO! But in the cutest and saddest way! I do have a small gripe though, as beautiful as Mi Rae was, I really thought she was too old for the role she was playing. She was more suited to Woo Yeon than Kyung Seok, she looked more like a Noona when she was with Kyung Seok 😬
    • Kyung Seok and Soo-A have history
  • Nada! I guess Kyung Seok is just very attuned to the internal war of someone naturally gorgeous and their dilemna and heard her cry for help – there was zero chemistry and Soo-a in most of their scenes seemed more like an annoying fly buzzing around food.
    • Love triangles everywhere
  • DUDE! Sooo many!
    • Woo Yeon isnt as nice as he makes out to be
  • ❌👏 I couldn’t be more happy with how wrong this prediction was! I wish we got more of his backstory! My bias, he could be so cool and then a complete clutz, the cafe scene with him struggling with the straw was super cute.
  • A complete fail! Lol – And soo many questions;
    • What happened with Tae Hee and bf? Thats it – really?
    • Who is Woo Yeon? Whats his back story?
    • Why couldnt we see a birthday celebration for Kyung Seok with his fam?
    • What was the point of Chon Woo? What is his relationship with Woo Yeon, what did Woo Yeon mean when he said he could destroy him if he released what he knew.
    • Did Kyung Hee ever apologize to her Dad for being the undoing of his campaign – poor Dad. What was her punishment?
    • Was there reconcilliation between Kyung Seok’s parents – its obvious Dad still loved Mum.
    • Woo Yeon & Hyun Jung??????? Can it be??
    • What does old Mi Rae look like?
    • Was that a proposal?
  • Now while I still enjoyed majority of this drama, there were simply too many questions to rank it as a favourite – I did start researching other dramas that my fav characters are in though but thats beside the point… lol 😉
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